What happens to the dream deferred?
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‘Progress’ by Francisco The Man
Once it was available on Spotify it got bumped up to jam-status.

Throwing it alll the way back to when I was such a rebel you couldn’t even put two socks on me. #tbt

The hard sell.

The conversation devolved to talking about dyeing pubic hair.



PornHub’s gigantic erection in Times Square, New York, has been mysteriously taken down.

The company’s first real-life billboard came down prematurely after just a few hours late on Wednesday night. 


what ur average tragedy looks like after 100 years

Hey look it’s that jobless girl who got lost on the way to an interview and can’t even find her house key but I guess her selfie game is pretty strong.

This cat is my soul mate. #sofat #somuchshade

Just realized my drunk ass posted a screenshot of a conversation that had my friend’s number clearly displayed. Oops.

I just wanted you guys to know how funny I was being about that burrito coma. Which I wasn’t, very, in sober retrospect.



The Meme of our Years.

this post is beautiful