What happens to the dream deferred?
Erika. 25. Los Angeles. Internet Curator/Hot Mess.

Things I currently want:
Coffee (or a chai latte)
Any meatless breakfast food
Every other pressing concern in my life to resolve itself.

In that order. But for right now I’d settle for breakfast.

#catspam #caturday

#catspam #caturday

#catspam #Caturday

Lol #catspam #caturday

That awkward moment you’re the English major/poetry buff and you explain about Ginsberg and how good this poem is and no one cares..


Coyote Hug by Perry McKenna [flickr]


Alaa, an ambulance driver, feeds cats in Masaken Hanano in Aleppo. Alaa buys about $4 of meat everyday to feed about 150 abandoned cats in Masaken Hanano, a neigbourhood in Aleppo that has been deserted because of shelling from forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar Al-Assad. Alaa said that he has been feeding and taking care of the cats for over 2 months.


(Thank you, Liousha & Tiki!)


George the Cat is a great musician assistant.

Video by ©Ayleen O’Hanlon